Naraku Questions

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Question 1:
hi i'm back ^-^ anyways question for um..naraku..he's not really a bishonen i just wanna bug him, so let the questions begin ^-^, do you like Sessh?, are you gay?, are you bi?, why do you dress like a monkey?, can i call you mistress monkeybutt?, do i annoy you?, can i beat you with a stick?, do you want me to stop asking questions, did you know that i'm a kitsune?, can i hug you and squeeze you and name ya geogre? can i just name ya george? how about fred?, bob? georgina?,do you take baths?, really?, ok questions for perfectcell, does he stink?, what did hiei say back?, can ya tell yusuke that i think he's awesome now?, can I call naraku mistress monkeybutt?, did ya miss my odd questions? bye bye again and remember fruit shall rule the world!! *laughs insanely*

PerfectCell17: *fangirl smile* Yay, I finally got some questions for ya, Naraku-chan! ^o^
Naraku: Don't ever call me Naraku-chan again, girl. Understand?
PerfectCell17: Yeah, yeah... You won't hurt me while I still have your babboon pelt hostage! >:)
Naraku: ... Just get this over with. I have far more important matters to attend to.
PerfectCell17: Okie dokie! Hehe, do you like Sesshoumaru?
Naraku: *eyes glow lightly* What? Who dares to suggest such a thing?
PerfectCell17: *takes nervous step back* I'll take that as a no...
Naraku: Then you're correct. Sesshoumaru is worthless.
PerfectCell17: Well, are you gay?
Naraku: I am not as lowly to have an attraction to anyone... Especially males.
PerfectCell17: Are ya bi?
Naraku: *glares* What did I just say?
PerfectCell17: Okay, okay! Why do you dress like a monkey? *snickers*
Naraku: I do not 'dress' like a monkey. It is simply something I once used as a disguise.
PerfectCell17: And yet after they found out who you were, you still wore it...
Naraku: Silence, girl.
PerfectCell17: Hmph, mister attitude... Hehe, can Kimmie call you mistress monkeybutt?
Naraku: I'll kill anyone who dares to call me such a thing!
PerfectCell17: Does Kimmie annoy you?
Naraku: All humans and demons annoy me.
PerfectCell17: Can Kimmie beat you with a stick?
Naraku: Like she could possibly harm me... But no.
PerfectCell17: Do you want her to stop asking questions?
Naraku: Yes.
PerfectCell17: Did you know that Kimmie's a kitsune?
Naraku: No, but it doesn't matter.
PerfectCell17: *giggles* Can Kimmie hug you and squeeze you and name you George?
Naraku: I'll kill her if she tries to touch me.
PerfectCell17: Can she just name ya George?
Naraku: None of her pointless nicknames.
PerfectCell17: Awww, what about Fred?
Naraku: What did I just say?!
PerfectCell17: What about Bob?
Naraku: No, damn you!
PerfectCell17: ...Georgina?
Naraku: Ask to call me one more ridiculous name, and I'll kill you.
PerfectCell17: I already told you your threats don't scare me! =P Anyway, do you take baths?
Naraku: When I need to.
PerfectCell17: Right... O.o Really?
Naraku: Yes.
PerfectCell17: My turn! Hehe, ask away, Naraku-kun!
Naraku: *grabs printout and mumbles* Damn girl, just wait until I get my pelt back... Do I stink?
PerfectCell17: *sniffs Naraku* Yup!
Naraku: I do not!
Naraku: What did Hiei say back?
PerfectCell17: He just said 'Hn. Whatever.' and walked away... Maybe he needs a hug... XD
Naraku: ...Can you tell Yusuke that this 'Kimmie' thinks that he is 'awesome' now?
PerfectCell17: Okie dokie, will do!
Naraku: *growls* Can she call me 'Mistress Monkeybutt'?
PerfectCell17: Of course! Isn't that right, Mistress Monkeybutt?
Naraku: I really will kill you...
PerfectCell17: Just try it. ^^
Naraku: ...
PerfectCell17: See?
Naraku: ...Did you miss her weird questions?
PerfectCell17: Yup! They're great to bug the bishies with! XD
Naraku: That was the last of them, finally.

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