Vegeta Questions

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Question 1:
Alrighty. I have a question for Vegeta!!! wOOt! >> *looks around an empty room* ... okay... Any ways. Vegeta... Why do a lot of people say that your stupid, because quite a few people I know say that your stupid and I'm like, "No way! Vegeta's Awesome!!" and they are like, "Goku's better." And I'm like, "NO HE ISN'T!" and lets just say... there's fur flying in the lunch room. ^_^;;; *has a giant mega-phone from who-knows-where-land* VEGETA IS BETTER THAN GOKU WHO IS ALSO KNOWN AS KAKAROT!!! VEGETA IS BETTER BECAUSE HE IS THE HOT SAIYA-JIN PRINCE!!! *bows to Vegeta* XD Ja ne!

Vegeta: Hmph, now there's no escape from these questions here?
PerfectCell17: Nope, you're loved anywhere! ^o^
Vegeta: Joy...
PerfectCell17: Okay, why do alot of people say that you're stupid---
Vegeta: What?! Who says that?!
PerfectCell17: Lots of people!
Vegeta: Well, why do I care whether they like me or not?
PerfectCell17: Because you're ego obsessed?
Vegeta: *glares, but then smirks* Atleast this Akumu is defending my greatness. And thank you for the compliments.
PerfectCell17: Awwww, Veggie's actually being polite today! ^o^ Thanks for the question, girl!

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