Goku Questions

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Question 1:
Dear Goku,
Are you anything like Chuquita's version of you? And if you don't know about Chuquita, go to and look her up! -tea

PerfectCell17: Wow, what do you know, Kakarot actually got a question...
Goku: *smiles* I did?
PerfectCell17: *startled* How the hell did you get here?!
Goku: Instant Transmission!
PerfectCell17: Oh yeah... Anyway, yup, you got a question!
Goku: Yay, what is it?
PerfectCell17: Are you anything like Chuquita's version of you?
Goku: What's a Chuquita?
PerfectCell17: *sigh* A fanfic author, Kakarot!
Goku: Oh! I still don't know her.
PerfectCell17: *loads Chuey's fanfic page* Voila! Get readin'!
Goku: *reads 'Kakarroujo'* I was Vegeta's oujo?
PerfectCell17: Yup, and you wanted to be too! Of course you didn't know the conditions of it... So, are you anything like that you? ^o^
Goku: Well, I am Veggie's best friend, even though he wouldn't admit it!
PerfectCell17: Neither would I.... =P
Goku: But I don't have any rules with Chi, and I wouldn't wanna be his oujo! I have called him my little buddy though! And I like eating with Vegeta, he's the best cook!
PerfectCell17: So, that's like a partially?
Goku: Yup!
PerfectCell17: Interesting... Are you sure there's no non-platonicness between you two?
Goku: No non-platonicness!
PerfectCell17: Damn, that's not fair! =P Anyway, that was you question, Kakarot, you can go now!
Goku: Okay! Thanks for the question! *waves to tea*

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