Hiei Questions

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Question 1:
for Hiei- is black your favorite color? if poked the Jagan would it hurt? can I poke it? can I call you mister Hn guy? can I kill Kuwabara? can I call you Mr.Snuggles? Do you like ice cream? am I weird? are you Sesshoumaru's reincarnation? can I turn you into a duct tape mummy? questions for perfectcell17-do want you like Hiei? do you want to poke the Jagan? can I turn Hiei into a duct tapew mummy? will you be my one of my bestest friends?

PerfectCell17: Yayay, welcome Hi-chan! ^o^
Hiei: Hn.
PerfectCell17: Talkative as ever, eh?
Hiei: ...What's the point of this?
PerfectCell17: To answer questions! Anyway, is your favourite colour black?
Hiei: I don't have a 'favourite' colour, but it is the one I like best.
PerfectCell17: Would it hurt if the Jagan got poked?
Hiei: How would I know?
PerfectCell17: Can Kimmie poke it?
Hiei: If that ningen comes anywhere near my Jagan I'll slit her throat.
PerfectCell17: No threatening the writers!
Hiei: Hn.
PerfectCell17: Can Kimmie call you Mister Hn guy?
Hiei: No.
PerfectCell17: Can she kill Kuwabaka?
Hiei: Like I care what happens to that baka.
PerfectCell17: Can she call you Mr Snuggles?
Hiei: No, she cannot call me any pathetic ningen nickname.
PerfectCell17: Do you like ice cream?
Hiei: I have no preference to ningen food.
PerfectCell17: Is Kimmie weird?
Hiei: Hn, all ningens are weird.
PerfectCell17: Are you Sesshoumaru's reincarnation?
Hiei: Doesn't that onna know anything? This 'Sesshoumaru' would have to be dead for me to be his reincarnation, and apparently he is not.
PerfectCell17: Can she turn you into a duct tape mummy? *snickers*
Hiei: As I said, that ningen comes anywhere near me and I'll slit her throat.
PerfectCell17: *sigh* No threatening, dammit! And, it's my turn! ^o^
Hiei: Whatever. *glares* Do you want to poke the Jagan?
PerfectCell17: Very very much so! Can I?
Hiei: *puts hand on katana sheath* Just try it.
PerfectCell17: Hmphers!
Hiei: Can the ningen turn me into a 'duct tape mummy'?
PerfectCell17: Hehe, go for it! Just watch for his katana... -_-
Hiei: That's right. Finally, will you be one of her 'bestest friends'?
PerfectCell17: Sure!
Hiei: That was the last of the ridiculous questions. *hops out window, into tree*
PerfectCell17: Damn windows! Thanks for the questions!

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