Yusuke Questions

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Question 1:
Yusuke- when is you birthday? is green your favorite color? do you like bananas? do like to talk to bananas? what about grapes? do you talk to any fruit at all? do you like daggers? do you like to pin people to trees with them? can I chew on your leg? can I chew on your head? do you think i'm crazy? am I annoying? are you a pinata? are ya sure? can I beat ya with a stick ? PerfectCell17- can you chew on Yusuke's leg and tell me what it tasted like? do you want beat him with a stick? can you please tell hiei that I know what i'm talking about but Sesshoumaru is from the past so it is possible for him to be his reincarnation? bye bye now! ^-^

PerfectCell17: Hola Yusuke! You got some fanmail! ^o^
Yusuke: Why would anyone send me fanmail? Did they finally realize how many times I put my ass on the line as Spirit Detective?
PerfectCell17: Nah, they just wanna bug ya! =P Anyway, first question, when's your birthday?
Yusuke: *cocks eyebrow* Why is she gonna get me something? Well, it's on March 27.
PerfectCell17: Is green your favourite colour?
Yusuke: Yeah, I guess it is.
PerfectCell17: Do you like bananas?
Yusuke: It's food, isn't it? Besides, the shrimp hates 'em, so more reason for me to like 'em!
PerfectCell17: Do you like to talk to bananas?
Yusuke: What the hell? O.o
PerfectCell17: That a no? What about grapes?
Yusuke: Sure... They're great to talk to...
PerfectCell17: Hehe, do you talk to any fruit at all?
Yusuke: Of course... Didn't I just tell ya I did?
PerfectCell17: Do you like daggers?
Yusuke: Nothin' beats fists, but daggers are cool too.
PerfectCell17: Do you like to pin people to trees with them?
Yusuke: I haven't gotten a chance to do that yet.... But hell, it sounds fun!
PerfectCell17: Hehe, can Kimmie chew on your leg?
Yusuke: What the hell? Um, go for it... O.o
PerfectCell17: Hehe... Can she chew on your head?
Yusuke: Heh, I think that Grandma chews off my head enough...
PerfectCell17: Ah, the joys of Genkai-sama! ^o^ Do you think Kimmie's crazy?
Yusuke: Nah... She's as sane as the next guy...
PerfectCell17: Is she annoying?
Yusuke: Nothing worse than Kuwabara!
PerfectCell17: lol Are you a pinata?
Yusuke: You'd think so with the way people try to hit me... Too bad they never can. Plus, I don't think candy would come out of me.
PerfectCell17: Are ya sure?
Yusuke: *sweatdrops* ...
PerfectCell17: Hehe, my turn! *hands Yusuke printout*
Yusuke: *cocks eyebrow* Can you chew on my leg and tell Kimmie what it tasted like?
PerfectCell17: Sure... But I'll do it later, I just brushed my teeth. ^_^
Yusuke: Uh huh... Do you wanna beat me with a stick?
PerfectCell17: *grabs random stick* Hehe, yuppers!
Yusuke: Am I supposed to be scared of that?
PerfectCell17: Yup!
Yusuke: I'm just gonna ask the next question... Can you please tell the shrimp about the reincarnation thing?
PerfectCell17: Okie dokie, will do! =D Now, just to find him again...
Yusuke: And tell him I want my gel back!
PerfectCell17: lmao Okay! Better get looking for him! Thanks for the questions, Kimmie!

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