Sesshoumaru Questions

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Question 1:
Konichiwa Sesshoumaru!!!!!!!!!!!!!My name is Mental and I'm on the phone with master^^.I got questions for ya and Master MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Damn to much candy!Oh well first question for Sesshoumaru.Do you really hate Inu?Can I sniff you?Will you be my daddy?How about my mommy?How about my cousin?Can I call ya Fluffy?How about Master's husband?Do ya hate it when Master makes ya suck on a pacifier?Do ya belive in Santa Clause?Do ya wanna marry Master?Would ya consider Rin as a possible wife when she gets older?Can I kill random people?Can I plan yours and Master's wedding?Are you maried?Do you got any kids?Can I call ya Sesshy?How about Sesshy-kun?Why the hell do ya got such a long name?Are ya secretly in love with Inuyasha?I've read allot of fics that say that you and Naraku are lovers is that true?Can I call ya mommy?Can I call ya Sushi king?I've also read a lot of fics that say that you and Kagome are lovers is that true?Now for Master.1st Dose your mom get mad about me calling ya?Are you and Sesshoumaru gettin' maried?Can I give your e-mail address to one of my friends?He's really nice and wierd^^.Do you remember the episode of Friends where Phoebe buys drums for Joey to get Rachel to move out and to move back in with her?I'm bored are you?Can Ya sniff Sesshoumaru?My mom wants to talk with your mom can she?Do you belive in Santa Clause?I don't.Can I kill Britney Spears?I gotta go and sniff Veggie-kun bye bye ^^.
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PerfectCell17: *lets Sesshy outta closet*
Sesshoumaru: *gets outta closet*
PerfectCell17: Yay, I have some questions to ask you!
Sesshoumaru: What is the point of this?
PerfectCell17: To find out some stuff about ya!
Sesshoumaru: *sighs*
PerfectCell17: Okay, Mental asks, do you really hate Inu?
Sesshoumaru: Yes, I hate that pathetic half-breed!
PerfectCell17: Can Mental sniff you?
Sesshoumaru: No.
PerfectCell17: Awww, why not?
Sesshoumaru: I don't need to explain to you, human.
PerfectCell17: But I'm only quarter human! I'm hald demon and a quarter Saiyan!
Sesshoumaru: So, you're a tri-breed. That's even worse!
PerfectCell17: Dammit! What's up with the 'tri-breed' thing?! Anyways, will you be Mental's daddy?
Sesshoumaru: I have no desire to have any human children.
PerfectCell17: But Mental's demon!
Sesshoumaru: Then she should be able to take care of herself.
PerfectCell17: What about her mommy?
Sesshoumaru: Not a mother either.
PerfectCell17: A cousin?
Sesshoumaru: I do not need family.
PerfectCell17: Can Mental call ya Fluffy?
Sesshoumaru: No, I go by Sesshoumaru, well Lord Sesshoumaru.
PerfectCell17: How about my husband?
Sesshoumaru: Why would I want to be called the husband of a pathetic tri-breed?
PerfectCell17: Hmph! *snickers* Do you hate it when I make you suck on a pacifier?
Sesshoumaru: Is that that thing you tried to put in my mouth?
PerfectCell17: Yep!
Sesshoumaru: You haven't gotten in my mouth, and you never will.
PerfectCell17: Oh yes I will, Sesshy!
Sesshoumaru: *glares*
PerfectCell17: Do ya believe in Santa Claus?
Sesshoumaru: Is that some human legend character?
PerfectCell17: Basically.
Sesshoumaru: Then no.
PerfectCell17: Do ya wanna marry me?
Sesshoumaru: No, I have no wish to marry a tri-breed.
PerfectCell17: Would ya consider Rin as a possible wife when she gets older?
Sesshoumaru: I will not marry a human either,
PerfectCell17: Can Mental kill random people?
Sesshoumaru: I don't care.
PerfectCell17: Can Mental plan mine and yours wedding?
Sesshoumaru: I told you I'm not getting married, especially not to you.
PerfectCell17: Are you married?
Sesshoumaru: No.
PerfectCell17: Do ya got any kids?
Sesshoumaru: No.
PerfectCell17: Can mental call you Sesshy?
Sesshoumaru: No.
PerfectCell17: How about Sesshy-kun?
Sesshoumaru: No, you may only call me Lord Sesshoumaru.
PerfectCell17: Why the hell do ya got such a long name?
Sesshoumaru: It is the name my parnets gave me.
PerfectCell17: Are ya secretly in love with Inu Yasha?
Sesshoumaru: What!? I could never love that worthless half demon!
PerfectCell17: Mental's read alot of fics that said that you and Naraku are lovers, is that true?
Sesshoumaru: No, I do not love anybody, but especially not males.
PerfectCell17: Can mental call ya mommy?
Sesshoumaru: No, I hate pointless nicknames.
PerfectCell17: What about Sushi King?
Sesshoumaru: No!
PerfectCell17: Mental's also read alot of fics that say that you and Kagome are lovers, is thst true?
Sesshoumaru: I would never go for a human.
PerfectCell17: Okay, my turn!
Sesshoumaru: ...
PerfectCell17: Okay, this works by you asking me questions and I answer tham, got it?
Sesshoumaru: Why am I doing this?
PerfectCell17: 'Cause I said! *sticks out tongue*
Sesshoumaru: *sighs* Does you mother get mad about Mental calling?
PerfectCell17: Nope!
Sesshoumaru: Are you and I getting married? *glares*
PerfectCell17: I don't know...
Sesshoumaru: We're not. Can she give your email address to her friend?
PerfectCell17: Go for it!
Sesshoumaru: Do you remember the episode of Friends where Phoebe buys drums for Joey to get Rachel to move out and to move back in with her?
PerfectCell17: Okay, that sounded weird coming from you, but yeah I do!
Sesshoumaru: Mental's bored, are you?
PerfectCell17: I'm perma-bored!
Sesshoumaru: *growls* Can you sniff me?
PerfectCell17: Sure! *tries to sniff Sesshy*
Sesshoumaru: *jumps back*
PerfectCell17: *sticks out tongue*
Sesshoumaru: Her mother wants to talk to your mother, can she?
PerfectCell17: I'll have to ask, but I think so!
Sesshoumaru: Do you believe in Santa Claus?
PerfectCell17: Hell no!
Sesshoumaru: Can she kill Britney Spears?
PerfectCell17: Please!
Sesshoumaru: That was the last one.
PerfectCell17: *points to closet* Back in the closet!
Sesshoumaru: Why should I listen to you?
PerfectCell17: Because....just because!
Sesshoumaru: *raises eyebrow*
PerfectCell17: Just do it! I'll give you a muffin!
Sesshoumaru: *thinks about it* *gets in the closet*
PerfectCell17: *shuts/locks closet* Mwahahaha! Sucker! Anyways, thanks for the questions!

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