Kouga Questions

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Question 1:
Kouga-can I feed your tail to my cats? why are you wearing a skirt? do you like grapes? do you like ninjas? do you like grape ninjas? Inuyasha said I can lock you in a giant box can I? would you like to help me take over the world with the magic fruit people? for perfectcell17-do you want to stuff Kouga in a rocket and send him to the moon? will you be loyal to the fruit people? whats your favorite color? can I shave Kouga's head? do you want to shave Kouga's head?

PerfectCell17: Yay, Kouga, you actually have questions! Welcome to the 'Asked Bishie' club! XD
Kouga: What the hell is this all about?
PerfectCell17: Questions for you!
Kouga: I have better things to do than this...
PerfectCell17: Nah! You don't have a choice, anyway! I'll make Kagome and Inu-kun get married if you don't! =P
Kouga: My Kagome is not marrying that mutt! Feh, I guess I'll answer them...
PerfectCell17: Yay! Okay, first one, can Kimmie feed your tail to her cats?
Kouga: Feh, nobody can touch my tail!
PerfectCell17: Hehe, why are you wearing a skirt?
Kouga: It's not a skirt! It's what my comrads and I wear, as part of the wolf demon tribe.
PerfectCell17: Do you like grapes?
Kouga: Why does it matter?
PerfectCell17: Do you like ninjas?
Kouga: They're not as strong as wolves, so no.
PerfectCell17: Do you like grape ninjas?
Kouga: What the hell are grape ninjas? Probably not.
PerfectCell17: InuYasha said Kimmie can lock you in a giant box, can she?
Kouga: Heh, like I care what happens to that mutt!
PerfectCell17: Would you like to help her take over the world with the magic fruit people?
Kouga: What the hell is she talking about? No, I'll just work on getting Kagome.
PerfectCell17: Okay, your turn to ask me! ^o^
Kouga: *takes email printout* Damn wench... Do you want to stuff me in a rocket and send me to the moon?
PerfectCell17: lol Kouga probably doesn't even know what a rocket is! XD
Kouga: ...
PerfectCell17: Yup, I think it'd be fun!
Kouga: Will you be loyal to the fruit people?
PerfectCell17: Yup!
Kouga: What's your favourite colour?
PerfectCell17: Hmmm, black and crimson, I suppose.
Kouga: *growls* Can the wench shave my head?
PerfectCell17: Go for it! >:)
Kouga: Do you want to shave my head?
PerfectCell17: *grabs random razor* Yup!
Kouga: Heh, go shave mutt boys head, not mine!
PerfectCell17: Hmmmm, what about both? >:)
Kouga: Yeah right, like you could ever catch me! *runs off*
PerfectCell17: Oh well... Heheh, thanks for the letter! ^o^

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