Kagome Questions

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Question 1:
Hey master im at friends house so I desided to take advantage of his internet access.1st question Kagome. Kagome, are you mad that I shaved you bald? Can I take your humping partner, Inuyasha, to the vet for his vacsinations? Inuyasha has naked pictures of you, do you care? Can Miroku hump you? Can Piccolo hump you? Can Sango hump you? why did you almost break my finger? Do you like me? Do I anger you? Am I an evil bitch? How come I never hear you curse? Ok this question is from Miroku-chan:will you bear my child? I think that miroku's wierd do you? Do you wipe your ass after you take a giant dump? Can I kill Kikyo? You captured Kikyo at a strip club working as a stripper, why is she in my home/Miroku's and Inu-chan's whore house?Can I call Inuyasha Inu-chan? Can I kill Kuwabara? I saw you trying to rape Hiei, STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM HIM YOU EVIL BITCH!!!!!!! HE IS MINE!!!!!!! Ok I got that out of my system, do you miss me? Can I kill Barbra Streisand? Why does Sesshy-chan listen to Elton John? I gotta go Gomen master i'll send more questions latter bye bye ^^. forgive me!!!!

Kagome: *glares at letter*
PerfectCell17: Uhh... something the matter?
Kagome: She's the one who shaved me bald!
PerfectCell17: So, I take it you're mad about that?
Kagome: What do you think?!
PerfectCell17: Can Mental take your humping partner, Inuyasha, to the vet for vacsinations?
Kagome: *blushes lightly* Why do I care what she does with Inuyasha?
PerfectCell17: Inuyasha has naked pictures of you, do you care?
Kagome: *blush deepens* Yes I care!
PerfectCell17: Can Miroku hump you?
Kagome: O.o No, he can't!
PerfectCell17: What about Piccolo?
Kagome: No! ...Does Piccolo even have a gender?
PerfectCell17: Beats me... I think he's a guy. Anyway, can Sango hump ya?
Kagome: Why would Sango hump me? O.o
PerfectCell17: You never know... Why did you try to break Mental's finger?
Kagome: Why do you think?! She shaved my head!
PerfectCell17: Do you like Mental?
Kagome: *crosses arms* Not until my hair fully grows back!
PerfectCell17: Does Mental anger you?
Kagome: I don't want to talk about her anymore!
PerfectCell17: Too bad! =P Is Mental an evil bitch?
Kagome: Yes, she's very evil!
PerfectCell17: How come she never hears you curse?
Kagome: Because I usually never curse.
PerfectCell17: Yay, a question from Miroku; Will you bear my children?
Kagome: *sweatdrops* And he wonders why Sango gets mad at him...
PerfectCell17: You'd think he would learn, eh? Anyway, Mental thinks that Miroku's weird, do you?
Kagome: I have to agree... He's one of the weirdest people I've come across in the feudal era.
PerfectCell17: Do you wipe your ass after you take a giant dump?
Kagome: What kind of question is that?! O.o
PerfectCell17: One of Mental's! ^o^
Kagome: ...
PerfectCell17: Can Mental kill Kikyo?
Kagome: I think you'd have to go through Inuyasha to kill her... *sighs*
PerfectCell17: I think they make a cute couple!
Kagome: *glares*
PerfectCell17: Hehe... Why is Kikyo in Mental's home/ Miroku and Inu-chan's whore house?
Kagome: ...It was Inuyasha's idea. -_-'
PerfectCell17: Can Mental kill Kuwabara?
Kagome: Go for it... I don't like that guy.
PerfectCell17: I don't think anybody does! Here, *hands email print out to Kagome*
Kagome: W-what?! I didn't try to rape Hiei! *blushes*
PerfectCell17: O.o... Do you miss Mental?
Kagome: Not really... She'd probably shave my head again if I ever went back there.
PerfectCell17: Who says I won't? =P
Kagome: ... -_-
PerfectCell17: Can Mental kill Barbra Streisand?
Kagome: No, I like her.
PerfectCell17: What?! *shakes head* Why does Sesshy-chan listen to Elton John?
Kagome: I'm not sure... All I know is that he stole my Elton John CD!
PerfectCell17: That's all for now. ^^
Kagome: Good, I have another feminist protest to go to!
PerfectCell17: ...

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